Over the first six weeks of SEMESTER 1, our focus will be on the Five Themes of Geography and cartography:

9/05/18 - Full On Lessons - See INB pages

9/10/18 - 5 Themes of Geography - Video HERE

9/17/18 - Cartography / Ogden Maps Due 10/21/18!

9/24/18 - Latitude and Longitude / Types of Maps - Video HERE

10/01/18 - Geography Project Week - See Project Packet

10/08/17 - Test Week

Our three essential questions have been:

  1. 1)What are the Five Themes of Geography, and how do we use them to study the world?

  2. 2)What are latitude and longitude lines, and how can we use them to find absolute locations?

  3. 3)What are the characteristics of political, physical, and thematic maps, and what are examples of each? How are they similar to, and different from one another?

* Aside from periodic projects, there will not be regular homework in social studies. This places an importance on the learning activities that take place in class, and therefore, daily class attendance is important.