Every six weeks we will be extending our learning in social studies outside of the classroom. To take our learning beyond class lessons and activities, we will conduct a creative project. The process will follow these steps:

  1. 1.  Students learn through in class instruction and activities centered on classroom essential questions.

  2. 2.  Students will then use their notes and class work to create a list of eight questions that they still have about the unit of study after going through the class lessons and activities.

  3. 3.  From these eight questions, students will create their own essential question to research.

  4. 4.  Students will research and collect information to answer their essential question.

  5. 5.  Students will demonstrate their learning through the creation of a creative project.

The project journals have several ideas (84+ depending on ideas from classmates) of possible creative projects. It is important for students to research their question first, then choose a project to show their learning, not the other way around. Students should also choose a project that matches an area of their interest and strength to make it as fun and engaging as possible.

I am looking forward to seeing the questions that students create, and the projects that come out of their research!

Creative Project Packet (PDF)