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Google Classroom - Math Lessons

STAR test


Sign up for Typing.com

Goal Setting (Brainpop)

Duolingo (learn another language)

OCSD Website

5-C Homework Planner


SBAC Practice Test

OAKS Practice Tests


Fluency Practice:


Partner/Group Games

Greg Tang Math

KenKen Puzzles

Basic Facts - Fact Monster

Basic Facts - A+ Math

Addition Review

Subtraction Review

Place Value  


Raft Race - 4th

Kahoot Review

Math Expressions Mega Math

WelcomeMath Resources/Homework Help

Math Live Video Lessons

Spy Guys Video Lessons

Math Antics Video Lessons


Angles: Bubble Shoot

Quadrilateral Quest

Quadrilateral game 2

Quadrilateral Targets

Area/Perimeter Lesson- Math Playground

Party Planner - Area/Perimeter

Shape Surveyor (Area/Perimeter)


Order of Operations - Order Ops.

BillyBug Coordinate Game

Stock The Shelves 4Q Coordinate Game

Shodor Coordinate Activity

Coordinate Graphing Lesson & Game

Save the Zogs 4 Quadrant Coordinate Game

Locate Aliens 4 Quadrant Coordinate Game


Rounding Decimals Old West

Rounding Decimals Soccer

Adding/Subtracting Decimals

Place Value/Number forms lesson

Decimal Place Value - “Scooter Quest”

Decimal Expanded Form - “Fruit Splat”

GCF Game

Factor and Multiple Jeopardy

Fraction/Deciamal/Percentage “Jeopardy”

Decimal Jeopardy


LCD Jeopardy

Snowball LCM

Fruit Splat LCD Game

Visual Fractions Games

Mixed Fractions Maze

Math Man Mixed # to Improper Fractions Improper Fractions/Mixed Numbers

Dividing Fractions Soccer

Multiplying Decimals Basketball

Multiplying Decimals- Alien Math

Mixed Number Jeopardy

Adding/Subtracting MIxed #’s Lesson

Reducing Fractions Game

+/- Mixed #’s Jeopardy

Adding Fractions - Speedway

Multiplying Fractions - Snow Sprint

Multiplying Fractions Millionaire

Multiplying Fractions Pizza

x/÷/+/- Fractions Jeopardy


2 Digit Estimating

2 digit x 2 digit lesson (Khan Academy)

(2 digit x 1 Digit) Penguin Canoe Race

Multiplication Jeopardy


Quick Long Division Lesson

Long division - practice

Long division - tic-tac-toe

Long division - Climb Math Mountain!

Long division Millionaire

Long division Soccer

Decimal division games


Horrendous Soup (metric)

Metric Length

Metric Millionaire

Customary Liquid

Customary Menu

*Test Prep:

Test Prep - Story Problems (Mult. Choice)

OAKS Practice Test

SBAC Practice

*Math for Exploring:

Real-World Math & Science

STEM Careers




Spelling City

Kids Spell


Figurative Language examples PDF.pdf

Newspaper Template (Google Docs)

How to Write a Limeric

Citation Maker

Forms of Poetry

6th Grade Anchor Papers

Cursive writing practice

Handprint Poem Samples

Bitstrips Comic Maker

Comic Strip Maker

Wizards & Pigs Alliteration Game

Rags to Riches Figurative Lang. Game

Rags to Riches Similes/Metaphors

Shoot for Similes & Metaphors


How to draw facial expressions

Famous Paintings

Famous Artists


NASA online activities

Hour of Code

Towers of Hanoi

kidsknowit  (misc.)

Khan Academy - Thousands of video lessons - Learn something new every day!

Motivational Poster Maker

Khan Academy - Thousands of video lessons

- Learn something new every day!


Text to Speech App.

Chinese Myths

Audio Books:

Scout’s Honor (Avi) text

Scout’s Honor (Avi) audio

Skill Builders:

Short Fiction Stories

Author’s Purpose



Main Idea

Story Elements

i4c Skillbuilders


Mr. Rogers

Tween Tribune

Scholastic News

Vocabulary Activities

Inference Detective

Multiple Accounts Practice



Timed Test - typingtest.com

Skill Lessons - Dance Mat

Typing Chef

Skill Games - typingtest.com


Bitesize Science Activities


Virtual Owl Pellet

Inquiry Anchor Papers

Straw Bridge Engineering

Save on Energy

History of the Lightbulb


*American Indians

American Indians N.W. , Plains, E. Woodlands

American Indians of the Northwest

Southwest Indians Info


The Renaissance (Ducksters)

The Renaissance Interactive


Exploration intro 1

Exploration intro 2

Explorer Wanted Poster Template

Explorers 1

Explorers 2

Explorers 3

Explorers - The Mariner’s Museum

Biography Explorer Videos


Colonial Regions Information

Brochure Template - Google Docs

Jamestown - Nat. Geo. Kids

Jamestown Interactive

Plymouth Colony Video

Plymouth Webquest Section 1

Plymouth Webquest Section 2

Plymouth Webquest Section 3

Pilgrims/Plymouth Webquest

Plymouth Colony Interactive

Emergency Prep: Ready.gov

13 Colony ID Game

13 Colonies - Land of the Brave

13 Colony Profiles - (Mr. Nussbaum)

Clickable map of the 13 Colonies

13 Original Colonies

13 Colonies (Mr. Donn)

Why Europeans Left Europe

Relations with Native American Indians


Harcourt American Revolution Interactive

For Crown or Colony Interactive

Declaration of Independence Video

The American Revolution Interactive


Continents and Oceans

50 States Matching Game



Ben’s Guide to the US Government

U.S. Constitution for Kids

Ben’s Guide to the Constitution

The Constitution (text)

Dust Bowl Video 1

MLK Dream Speech Audio & Text

MLK Quotes

September 11th Activities

Ben Franklin Interactive

Underground Railroad


Reaction-time tester

Mountain Scramble Ecosystem Game

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