Summer Assignment

Send me an email from an address that you will remember to check a couple of times a week.  Please answer the following questions in your initial email so that I can start getting to know a little bit about you. I will create a mailing list and send you information and the actual summer work once we are done with school stuff.  Do this first part ASAP.

1)  Your name
2)  List the science classes you have taken in high school.
3)  List the math classes you have taken in high school.
4)  Give me the definition of Physics.  Many students aren't even aware of what class they just signed up for.  
5)  Tell me why you are interested in taking AP Phyisics.

The homework this summer is going to be very light.  It will consist of a math skills review packet, and possibly one other little thing.  I doubt all of the work I will give you will take more than 2 hours total to complete.  That said, don't wait until the day before school starts to do it!!!  Get it out of the way.  It really will count towards your grade!