This webpage and the material contained within is for use by both students and parents. Inside you will find the syllabus for each class along with study materials, assignment lists, and other various useful information.

About Me

I have a BA in Physics from Southern Oregon State College* with a minor in Computer Science ('93)(*Now Southern Oregon University).

I also have a Master of Arts in Teaching from Willamette University. ('94)

I have been teaching at Oregon City HS since the 1997-98 school year. In my time at OCHS I have taught Honors Physics, AP Physics, Physical Science, Electronics, Lego Robotics, Computer Programming, Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig.

I also founded the OCHS Boys Lacrosse team in the spring of 2000. I was the head coach for boys lacrosse until the 2005 season when I passed the torch to those that were much more qualified than I was at the time. I am still the faculty advisor and general manager of the team.