OC Youth Lacrosse




Dara Kramer


7th-8th Team

Nick Amendolara


David Kirby


Cory Roberts


Traci Schaller


5th-6th Team

Annie Christiansen


3rd-4th Team

Becky and Ben Meyer


Taylor Bass



When can I sign up for the 2017 season?

Youth (3rd-8th) Registration:

If you want to play for the 2017 season, contact program administrator Dara Kramer:

darakramer@comcast.net to sign up!

How much does it cost?


This fee includes US Lacrosse Membership/Insurance,

Uniform, and Team Sweatshirt

When is the season?

First week of March through the end of May (3-4 grade)

First week of March through 1st or 2nd week in June (5-8 grade)

What do I need to buy to play?

All girls need soccer cleats and an upper teeth mouth guard. Haskett Orthodontics will provide free, professionally molded mouth guards if you attend their mouth guard event (Thursday, March 2nd, 2:30-6 PM--open house--just drop in). We provide sticks and goggles for first-year players if they are not able to purchase their own. For equipment recommendations, contact Dara: darakramer@comcast.net . PLEASE don’t just go to Sports Authority and buy the first girls lacrosse stick you see. There’s a BIG difference between different brands and models.

Required Equipment to Play



Mouth Guard

Soccer Cleats

Optional Equipment

Field Gloves (for warmth in cold weather)

Where do they practice?

Gaffney Lane Elementary

When are practices?

3-4 Team: Thursday/Friday 4:30-6

5-6 Team: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 4:30-6:30

7-8 Team: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 4:30-6:30

When are the games?

Games are in April and May (mostly on Saturdays).

3-4 go to the end of May.

5-6 and 7-8 have possible weeknight games in the 2nd half of May

5-6 and 7-8 have possible playoffs during the the first 2 weeks in June.

No games Memorial Day weekend for any teams

Game scheduling night is March 15th, so we’ll know our exact schedule after then.

Where are the games?

Home games are at the Oregon City Stadium.

Away games can range from West Linn to Salem

Do we fundraise?

Yes. The one and only fundraiser youth lacrosse is doing this year is a team garage sale the weekend after Mother’s Day. Please hold onto your donation items!

Where do I find information about local clinics and camps?

1) www.oregongirlslax.com 

2) http://www.ogyla.org/

3) www.laxnw.com